I’M NOT DEAD, just a little broken…

Yeah, guys…for quite a few weeks that I don’t post on the blog, I’m sorry.

Someone dm me on twitter asking if I died or something! ahah NO!

I didn’t die,  as you can see, i just had some personal problems, that kinda of affected me a bit in the past weeks.

I guess when you are dealing with all sort of problems, you just got to be strong and hold on to your own self, and believe in yourself in ways you can’t even imagine!

And I guess that’s what I’ve done, and i’m glad I gain the strength to get through all of them, until now. Cause of course, many are coming, and many I will get through!

Please, send me a pm, or comment down bellow, what do you want me to make a post about!


Have an happy day! xx


A Piece of Advice To You

Got a message from a girl of the UK this morning, saying that she felt really insecure with herself as a teen in today’s society, because all her friends were beautiful, and all of them have loads of  expensive makeup, that she can’t really afford, so her friends are excluding her from the group and bullying her cause she isn’t pretty enough to be in it.

Really guys, what is this? What happened in our society? I am just…speechless!

Seriously, exclude yourself of that group, you don’t need them, why would you need those materialistic and ignorant girls in your life?

Since when did expensive makeup become a condition for you to have good friendships?

Don’t ever feel bad for yourself, be confident about your own qualities ( If they have a lot of expensive makeup, they probably aren’t that pretty has you say 😉 , just sayyying ), I bet you are beautiful just for showing yourself like you are to the world! I guess you bumped into the wrong people to become friends with. And believe me, those girls are insecure, just like you, or even more than you.

And of course if you want to use makeup as well, for any special occasion or it just makes you feel better with yourself, you don’t need those expensive high-ends!

I’m leaving a link down there from a uk website, check it out!

Girl, be true to yourself, and be true to the others, don’t get smashed by others ego, and most important trust yourself and be confident about your own differences!





xxxx, your always friend Fia 🙂







Yeah sweeties! It’s summertime, but definitely  not summertime sadness!

So what are you guys up to? Beach, river,lakes, or pools? Or maybe ALL…

I wish I could say the same! We are almost in the middle of July and I still haven’t got to swim! That’s so unbelievable for me since I LOVE BEING ON WATER. I’M HALF FISH I SWEAR. Or maybe a half-whale since I didn’t got my summer body ready…upsi ahahah I want a TAN :(, i’m so whiteish..grr, but whatever!


Hope you are really enjoying the 2016 summer! But if you are kinda bored, and here to give you 5 ideas to put in practice!

So let’s start!



Nah, I ain’t talking about those supervised programs for kids and teenagers…I’m talking about you and your friends/family gather up, get some tents, and venture out, specially if it’s near like a lake, or a river! Fun guaranteed…well except if you kinda fear to sleep out of your own bed…

This is the perfect time for a camping. And if the weather isn’t very kind with you…well camp inside.With friends everything is 100% more fun!



YES! It’s one of my favorite things about summer! All the ads about music festivals..when you hear them, you know that Winter is coming, ups, Summer. (ihih)

I know that some are expensive…so, i found a website with all festivals around the globe! I’m leaving the link for both Europe and U.S, or and now UK…cause y’all know.

Check the one you like more, and go for it with your friends AND HAVE FUN!



Yeah sports. I know some people don’t like sports…blablabla

But really, enjoy sports. They are awesome to relief some stress


Go for it.

(Or just play pokemón go..really ahahah)



That one is like, yeah, my case, I started a blog. I was literally bored in summer…thing I never felt around this time.

I don’t know if i’m good at it or not, but i’m really enjoying to do it!

So, get your own new hobby, or even the same as me, I promise you won’t regret sweetie! 🙂



This one is like my ”have-to-do” in summer. I always, always always gather with my old friends, it’s so amazing, to get to see them again. Please do that, it’s the best feeling in the world!

But of course, you should meet new people, I’m not talking about replacing the ”old” ones for the ”new”, cause persons can’t be replaced, but make new friends and gather everyone in a dammm beach party! 😀



Oh well, I think that’s all for this post! PLEASE BE SUPER HAPPY NOT ONLY THIS SUMMER BUT FOREVER! Goodbye sweetie and thanks for catching up ihih xxxx














Love Talk

Uh, I’m always quite anxious when I’m talking about love.

What do you think, when you think about love?

A boy?

A girl?



A pet?


What about you? Yes. YOU.


Yeah, that’s right, yourself. Before you know how to really love someone or something you really need to know how to love your own being.  They say that searching for love is like searching for yourself. And when you find yourself, you find love…because they are the same.

I don’t know if you have any self assurance issues with yourself, but I know that when you have been burned by love, it’s hard to get up again…

Love is the most amazing, idiot, fantastic and stupid feeling in the world. It has the power to unite people, and bring the best out of everyone.

But when love betrays your soul, when love blinds you, you lose tiny per tiny bits of faith on it.

But you know who’s never going to betray you?

The last word up in that phrase!

Don’t give up on you, when you get burned! Take care of you, spoil yourself with good feelings and team up with your closest friends! Cause that fire that love put yourself into, will ignite a flame that represents your biggest strengths and powers.